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            My shipping status is stuck, what do I do?

            For orders delivered to the the US: Please contact USPS with your tracking number to track and report any issues.

            For orders delivered to 
            Canada: If the tracking shows the package is still in the US, please contact USPS. If the tracking shows that the package has reached Canada, please contact Canada Post.

            For International orders:
            USPS works with local postal offices to deliver packages and does not provide tracking beyond the US. To track your order, please contact your local postal service. For example, for a shipment going to Germany, you would need to contact Deutsche Post.

            Some orders may be held by customs if the destination Country requires import taxes or VAT. You may need to contact your local postal service and pay relevant taxes for the order to be released.

            Please note: Tapplock does not cover any customs, duties, or taxes on orders shipped outside of the United States.

            Updated: 06 Dec 2018 01:58 AM
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