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            I’m trying to set up my Tapplock lite but my Bluetooth won’t connect with my lock. I’m getting an error message saying “Pairing rejected by device.” What am I doing wrong?

            Open the Tapplock app:
            • You will be prompted with a message that reads “Application is requesting permission to turn on Bluetooth. Allow?”
            • Select Yes.
            • Press down on the Shackle twice.
            • You should now see a flashing blue light on your Tapplock lite.
            • You should see the name TLL05A come up. This is the default name for your Tapplock lite.
            • Wait a couple seconds for your Tapplock lite and device to be paired.
            • You should now be connected and ready to add your fingerprints!

            Please note: 
            • You will not be able to pair your Tapplock lite in the Bluetooth Settings of your mobile device. Open up the Tapplock App and follow the above directions.
            • Double check that your device isn’t already paired to another Bluetooth connection (i.e., Bluetooth headset, wireless speakers). Sometimes this can cause issues, most notably with Android devices.
            • If you are switching between Applications on your device, the Tapplock lite will automatically disconnect from the Bluetooth connection.

            Updated: 06 Dec 2018 03:13 AM
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